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A place where potential runs wild. A high-tech playground at the intersection of leave your mark, make a difference and change the world. Technology equals unlimited possibility, infinite ways to uncover your passion and live out your dreams.

That’s what IT’s all about.


We get it – there are common misconceptions about Tech careers. But, the truth is – Tech is constantly changing and intersects all aspects of life, your passions included. Maybe you want to help secure the world, entertain others or find that better way.

You can do that in IT. Developing solutions, living out your dreams, improving our world.

Explore clubs, programs and experiences that emphasize IT, gain a new perspective on Tech careers, and get excited about the opportunities ahead.

"The biggest stereotype about being a developer - that we're really shy and don't have to interact with people. It's just completely the opposite. There's a lot of communication that needs to go on."–Sand Barr

Tech Talent Strategy


Our goal? Become a nationally recognized hub for tech talent.

100+ leaders – from business, education, philanthropy and civic offices – joined forces to develop and launch this strategy. By working together to plan and implement, we are poised to accelerate past our competition, providing an even stronger environment for business and talent success.

Tech Talent Strategy