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We support our
military community


They are committed to freedom for all of us.


They sacrifice all to safeguard our country from harm so that Americans can continue to live freely and prosperously.


They put country before self and defend our freedom.


they support us


Our military is volunteer-only; they serve the needs of our Nation over their own.


they are dedicated to a cause greater than themselves.


They are willing to die to protect the freedom of this USA and each of us that lives in this great country.

-Linda S.

They risk their lives to protect ours.


They protect our freedom.


Their bravery and dedication is truly humbling.

-Christine F.

They sacrifice so much for us (time, comfort and freedom of autonomy) all to protect the lives of those who reside in this country!

-Lauren F.

They support us in ways we can’t even imagine.


They are devoted to our security.

The military is a role model for all of us to aspire toward, to actively support, and to work hand in hand to make our community stronger.

-Luke Hoffman

Of the strong economic impact they have on our community.


They do the impossible every day.

-Jessica P.

They are our family members who risk their life to protect ours.