Omaha education in one “juicy” word? Stupendous.


I volunteer at my daughter’s school every Thursday afternoon. Right now, we’re working with the kids on descriptive writing: What sounds do you hear at an Omaha Storm Chasers game? How does a chocolate waffle taste? What does your puppy’s fur feel like when you pet it? Her teacher pushes his third graders to carefully organize their thoughts, develop them in stages – and use “juicy” words to express them.

Inevitably, I leave class every Thursday feeling rejuvenated, reassured the future is in good hands. These kids have great ideas and write enthusiastically. Beyond that, they’re learning new ways to approach math problems and they’re immersing themselves in technology – in terms of projects and learning platforms. They participate in discussions, are generally well-behaved and respect each other’s opinions.

My parents, based on their media outlets of choice, think our nation’s public schools are in a full-blown state of disaster. Not in my neighborhood, I tell my Mom – just the opposite. I see teachers who are committed, innovative and caring. The principal knows names and parents are involved. (If you’ve never witnessed the smooth execution of an elementary school lunch period, you should – it’s a sight to behold.)

My wife and I have made some questionable calls during our 20 years of marriage – the convertible Mustang when a Honda Civic would have sufficed? Yeah… I remember that – but we’ve never second guessed where we planted ourselves and by extension, how our three kids – one in elementary school, one in middle school, one in high school – are now being educated. How would I describe our experience with Omaha education? I can think of one “juicy” word: Stupendous.

-Dan McCann

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A Cultural Hub


To thrive, cities must attract creative thinkers, painters, poets and singers.

What does it take to be considered a cultural hub? An art museum? A dance company and an opera? A symphony and a theater presenting Broadway and national tours?

We have all of that and more.

Joslyn Art Museum
Ballet Nebraska
Opera Omaha
Omaha Symphony
The Orpheum
Omaha Community Playhouse

We are a cultural hub and we draw creative and talented people. This spurs more creative offerings – music, ethnic festivals, artist in residence programs, family and children’s art programs – yeah, we have those, too.

We have what artists need to flourish, whether they’re internationally known or striving to get there.


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The Lantern Fest – Omaha

How would I describe a night of dancing, bonfires and thousands of lanterns filling the sky? Unforgettable. A fantasy come true. 

Strangers became friends as hundreds gathered, anxiously waiting for the moment where they could unleash their lanterns into the sky. When the timing was just right, we became completely surrounded by a sky full of moving stars.

Whether they were sending a lantern up for loved ones lost or with a wish – never have I experienced something so beautiful and inspiring. – Jessica Perreault 

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Air Boating on the Platte River

Passing the summer away with Bryson’s Airboat Tour on the Platte River near Fremont. 

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Ballet Nebraska: Greatness on Display

Ballet Nebraska

From art to music to sports,  we are elevated by those who revel in the pursuit of greatness. That includes an incredibly talented group of women and men who balance power and grace  – and remind us that classic childhood aspirations can develop into a grown-up realities. They are the professional dancers from Ballet Nebraska, the only arts organization of its kind in the region. The company not only enriches us through performance, but through educational programs and community outreach. 

With one of the few professional ballet companies in the nation, ours is thriving.
The company has a packed season, including Cleopatra (opening Oct. 2), The Nutcracker (opening Nov. 22) and Momentum: Go West! (opening April 1). 

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Nebraska Balloon & Wine Festival

Nebraska Balloon & Wine Fest

From the kid-friendly zone activities, to dancing with live music, to delicious food and award winning wines, there was something to do for everyone at the Nebraska Balloon & Wine Festival. And let’s not forget the main attraction – the hot air balloon launch and glow!

More than 10 hot air balloons danced along the horizon to the music. It definitely added to the party atmosphere! – Jessica Perreault

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Maha is the Stuff of Legends


Breaking the concert curve this year the sold out night was packed with intense pride and kick ass performances!

Located at Aksarben Village, the festivities boomed with fun including a ferris wheel, drinks, bands (like headliner Modest Mouse) and an electrifying light show!

The Maha Music Festival truly solidifies Omaha’s place on Music Scene rankings everywhere.

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Grassroots Musical Festival

Grassroots image

The Grassroots Music Festival produced some of the greatest mixed performances at Tom Hanafan’s River’s Edge Park.

The lines were packed and fans were more than eager to get by security. Once the music started bumping and people gained access to the park, the festival took a different spin.

Thousands of fans crowded the stage to catch their favorite artists – Mac Miller, Logic, Blue Oyster Cult, Kid Cudi, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Lupe Fiasco. The incredible performances warped the crowd into one continuous surge of energy. Arms were raised high and everyone danced and vibed along to the beats.

When fans plugged themselves into the music, problems  were left at the door. – Kelsey Benzel

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It Feels Good to be Alive

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Good ‘Ol Fashion Floating


If there’s one thing you need on your Bucket List, it’s to have some good ol’ fashion floating fun down the Elkhorn River.

Some bathe in it and some hide from it, but the summer sun is here! Sadistic as it may be, I can’t get enough! Add drinks, music, great conversation and a body of water and you’ve got yourself a party.

As long as you’ve got the essentials (tube, life jacket, sunscreen, drinking water, snacks, your fav beverages and your party hat) you’ll have a blast. You can book your adventure through a rental service or just grab what you need from the sporting goods store.

Sit back, grab yourself a cold one and soak up those sun rays – just get back to nature – Lewis and Clark style! – John Sliffe

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